Rapid prototyping 3d: An Introduction in SLS


An Introduction in SLS

Have you ever wondered how those plastic parts or equipments ever made? How are these things made? How did manufacturers make these things so complex and yet so efficient? Those miniature and 3D like parts that are quite impossible to make due to its complexity. Don’t underestimate the power of technology and science. SLS or what they called the Selective Laser Sintering is the machine to use. Because of SLS you’ll be able to transform your 3D design into a durable plastic part with just a click of the machine. Do you have problems with delayed manufacturing of your product? Is your product quite expensive to make? No problem, SLS is here to solve your problem. SLS is a budget friendly machine and not only that it decreases your production time and costs thus making this machine a number one choice for manufacturers.

Sintering means to bond particles such as powder by heating them, it normally results to densification or recrystalization of the powder thus forming a quite durable end product. In SLS, the method used is a high powered carbon dioxide laser to heat the powdered particles of plastic, ceramic, or even glass to come up with the desired designs. To build the parts or products, you need to feed the design to the machine, the laser will then selectively or fuses or even melts the powder according to the design. This in turn creates the prototype that will help you mass produce it.

After being patented on 1989, it has become the most used method to prototype or manufacture products in any kind of industries. It has been developed to meet the demands of the users and manufacturers. With currently almost 5 different kinds of SLS in the market they meet the different needs and requirements in different manufacturers. This is the new machine that could greatly help manufacturers, since the process can be customized thus allows the developers or the manufacturers to make changes in just a jiffy.



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