Rapid prototyping 3d: An Introduction in SLA

SLA or also known as Stereolihtography technology is one of the earliest prototyping technologies that could develop a 3D cadfile in any prototype design. It was first developed in Valencia, California in 1986. For 25 years, it has been widely used for manufacturers to build their prototypes in any equipment or in any known industry. You’ll be able to design from simple prototypes to more complex and smaller objects. Modern prototyping helps the manufacturers to create a sample or a prototype before mass producing it. It ensures that the function, the quality and the durability of the product is there.

SLA is a machine that will be able to create plastic parts by the use of an Ultraviolet sensitive resin or solution by the use of an ultraviolet laser. This machine consists of a UV laser, photosensitive resin, build platform, and a computer system that makes the entire machine works. To get started, you need to have the 3D model of your design prototype from any 3D animation software. This is the only information needed to get started. The UV layer will then scan through the photosensitive resin layer by layer. This process will then get that perfect and accurate look from the design to the prototype. With just a few hours, your prototype will then be finished. That is why we call it an additive rapid prototyping technology! You’ll be able to hold it, inspect it, or change something from the design.

In just a matter of hours, you’ll be able to have a replica or a rapidprototype of your design. Stereolithography will help you create any 3D design or shaped that you can ever dream of. Though the machine itself is quite expensive for over $250,000, you could only see this kind of machine in big industries or corporations. But there are other companies that are available to small shops that give this service per hour. Though it is not cheap, it is still a great bargain. Creating a prototype of your own product will give you the advantage of having it produced in large quantity in such a short speed.



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